STAT - Subversion integration config ideas

I am seeking information concerning integrating Subversion with STAT.   The integration connectivity is established and we have successufly migrated an object archived from Subversion to a tmp location on an EBS instance.    However, with that in place, we have found no clear direction on best techniques to configure. 

The plan is to store the file types in Subversion such as:

.pks  - PL/SQL Package specs

.pkb  - PL/SQL Package body

.class   - Java Class

.xml       -  Form

.rdf    -  Report

.msg   -  Message

.jsp    - JSP

.xml   - OAF XML

.sql    - SQL DDL

.jpx    - JPX

We are planning to create post migration scripts for each file type.

Is there any recommendation concerning the structure of the Subversion repository in relation to the EBS environments?


  • The question I have is, why would you want to?  We were considering using TFS for version control and try to integrate with Stat but, since Stat can handle versioning of pretty much all the object types we need, we shelved that idea.  Our only gripe is there is nothing in Stat for versioning documentation so we have to use TFS for that.



  • Good question and thanks for the reply.  I have expressed that point with the the EBS development team, but they want to use subversion as their primary source code repository.  My assumption is the interation with subversion with some file types may be easier than with STAT.    

  • I'm sure someone more knowlegable will provide an official answer but, as far as I am aware, there is no integration with 3rd party version control tools.  Probably the best (only) way you could do it would be to get the required files from Subversion, place them in your Stat working directory and create an archive set from there based on those objects.  Some of our Dev's do this with VSS although we have made it clear that it is no longer required and VSS is out of support.



  • Hi All,

    Yes!  Stat does integrate with Subversion.  This functionality was released in Stat 5.6.  Please see below for a screenshot of the integration indicator. 

    If you would like a whitepaper on setting up Subversion/PVCS/Perforce/CVS please add a comment or contact me directly and I will get you the information.



    Bill Hart

    Stat Solutions Architect

  • Andy,

    In addition to Bill's comment, we "strongly" and I mean "stongly", ok, just do it ... recommend to follow the same directory structure as EBiz.  For example for .sql files, they are probably in XXCUST/sql or XXCUST/admin/sql.  For OAF files, they are probably in XXCUST/oracle/apps/xxx/xxx/xxx or in /oracle/apps/XXX/xxx/xxx.

    Does that make sense?


    -Fern, Stat PM