Anyone using Stat with Oracle's OBIEE (data warehouse) suite of products?

We are standing up the OBIEE suite of products from Oracle (DAC/Informatica/OBIEE/OAM/OVD/OUD) and are looking at whether Stat can support migrations for these tools and what other people's experiences have been when using Stat with this suite of products. Anyone willing to share? Any details on what object types you are migrating, what has worked well and what issues you have encountered would be helpful! Just trying to determine if Stat is the best tool to use for change control and migrations. We use Stat today for our PeopleSoft environment, but aren't sure it is the right fit for OBIEE.

  • I see this question has not been answered in 4 years! I have the same question. Would someone please shed some light on this issue? Does the new version of STAT supports OBIEE Object types? thank you
  • Stat does not support OBIEE Object Types natively. Although DW objects are, of course.

    We were looking at setting something up as a Generic Application, and scripting the upload of objects as files, but it seemed like too much trouble and could not find enough clear documentation for configuring the target environments.