Scanners/Smart Card working via Citrix on Win Server 2008 R2

Greetings Folks,
we have several Windows Server 2008 R2 servers that deploy programs via Citrix Xenapps. Does anyone know any solutions/products that is compatible (via Citrix ) with the following scanners (in particularly Scansnap S1500, Scansnap s510, Scansnap s500, Visioneer Strobe XP450 scanner) amongst others (including HP Scanners). We would like all these scanners to be detected and working via citrix and then scan (and the data stored to our network drives via citrix).
This site software has advised that scansnap software is not compatible - does anyone have a solution please?????

On another note, any solution on getting Omnikey Smart Card Readers (model 3121) working via Citrix too -it is not installing/detected, I welcome any advice/solutions /products/solutions for this to too

Thanks in advance

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  • Unfortunately you will not be able to get any of the ScanSnap scanners to work. The reason is because Fujitsu purposely does not provide a TWAIN or WIA driver for those scanners as they do not want them competing with their own higher end Fi series of scanners. Without any sort of driver for applications to interface with, there is no way to issue a scan to the scansnap from an outside app which prevents it from working in a citrix environment.

    Now all the HP's, XP450's and all the Fi series of fujitsu's (plus any other scanner with a TWAIN or WIA driver) are no problem at all via RemoteScan.
  • Great news! RemoteScan Enterprise version 10.7 and up now supports the following Fujitsu ScanSnaps: iX500, iX100, S1100i, and S1300i. Also some backwards compatibility to older model ScanSnaps. You can try it out here:  .