No scanner showing on client

I have an install where the client and server were working fine. The computer with scanner got a virus and the person removing it installed Symantec EndPoint. Now the client (without scanner) will not detect a scanner.

It was working fine nothing has changed on the client, nothing in the set up, firewall config, nothing in the logon in script, but I only got it to show "My Scanner" once and not since.
What is causing the problem?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both ends more than once. I uninstalled the Symantec AV still nothing. The server (the one with the scanner) will show green when connected to the remote computer through Remote Web Workplace but no scanner shows in the aquire image dialog. I need help fast!!! This has been going on for over three weeks.

Also a design suggestion you need to have the client (the one without the scanner) show some kind of indication that the scanner is connected like you have on the server with the green bar. This would aid in troubleshooting. The reason I say this is because with my issue it shows green but nothing is working on the client.
  • You need to be sure that port 6077 and 6078 are open on your network and that you can telnet from the client machine to the server on port 6077. If you cannot, then something is blocking remotescan from communicating.

    The green bar only is there if you are using RDP to connect to some machine and you are running the Terminal server version.

    If your support is up to date, feel free to contact our support department and we will get you up and running.
  • The green bar does show up even going through Remote Web Workplace. But no scanner is showing on the computer without the scanner. Like I said it did work before.

    So would using telnet work when they connect through Remote Web Workplace? And I am not sure there is anything blocking it because like I said I did get the "My Scanner" to show up once but when I logged off the remote computer and then logged back on it wasn't working again.

    As for support this is a client of mine so I have no control over that.

    Can you please explain the differences between connecting through a normal rdp connection and connecting through Remote Web Workplace?
  • Oh, I did not see that you mentioned Remote Web Workplace before, that is a very different way of connecting. In order to get RemoteScan to work using the web launch page, you need to follow the instructions here:

    Follow the section on the bottom about "Using RemoteScan with Terminal Services Web Client (Active X control)"
  • Thanks for your help so far.

    I have had had this work fine through the Remote Web Workplace. Nothing has changed with the set up for the computer without the scanner. It has been working for almost 9 months through the Remote Web Workplace, but now I do not (except the once briefly) see a scanner show up as an option on the computer without the scanner.

    I set it up over 9 months ago to go through the RWW. Could something be blocking Remote-Scan on the computer with the scanner? I have put in exceptions in the firewall, turned off the firewall on both computers. I am a Senior Systems Engineer so I am pretty technical. Anything I can do to to troubleshoot this?
  • If remotescan(TM) is not showing up as a scanner on the Terminal Server then RemoteScan is not installed for the user that they are logging in with.
  • Remote Scan shows as the only scanner but in the scan dialog no scanner shows.
  • I just want to make sure I have been clear. Everything worked until the computer with scanner got a virus. I have gone through and reinstalled exactly as I did 9 months ago both client and server parts. Nothing in the RWW has changed and I did get the "My Scanner" to show once briefly in the Remote Scan dialog box. But now in the Remote Scan dialog box nothing shows there. No "My Scanner", no anything. It just shows a blank.
  • Is there a green bar beneath the RemoteScan icon in the system tray of the workstation when you are connected into the terminal server?

    If so, can you telnet to remotescan from the local machine on port 6077?
  • The bar is green, but I am almost 100% sure there is no way to telnet to a machine that is only reachable through Remote Web Workplace. There is no way telnet will be redirected to the correct machine since the RWW is handling the internal redirection to the remote computer.
  • Just telnet to itself from the same machine or a machine on the LAN. If from the same machine just telnet 6077 or try localhost. This will tell you if the remotescan is being block. It would be a better test if done from any machine on the LAN other than itself. If you get no reply, then remotescan is being blocked