Twain Drivers

We are running a Citrix set up with 90+ servers on the farm. We have 310 remote-scan installs on workstations in clinics across our health system. Users log on to the Citrix servers as an anonymous user and they all pick up the default profile.

The Twain drivers do not load occasionally and users are not able to scan until they log out of the application.

We had a remote-Scan engineer on a web meeting for 3 hours debugging and he could not figure out why the Twain drivers were not loading correctly.

I am wondering if it is a registry key that is causing the issue. I am hoping to find another user that has encountered the same issue or someone at remote-scan that could assist. Our users are getting very frustrated and do not scan all documents because of this issue. We have been looking at other scanning solutions but would like to keep using remote-scan because of the features, users already trained and the software is already purchased.

We are running Citrix Presentation 4.5 and Client v9.150.39151.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • If I recall correctly the problem only happens on specific servers, is that correct? Did you compare windows configurations between servers and especially citrix patches & configurations and other other windows/software hotfixes & patches? This is behavior that has not been seen or reported to us before.
  • The issue is not limited to specific servers. We recently added 20 new server to the farm and the issue increased and more calls were coming to the Help Desk. We have seen more issues on the new servers, but we have also seen the issue on server that have been in production for months.

    I can get a call from a user that can nto scan on a specific server and then I have looged on to that same server and was able to scan with out issue. I was also logged in to the server Anonymously.

    I can scan all day long logged in with my network user id.
  • And you are certain that the other user that logs in is using a user account that has the RemoteScan files installed in the homedirectory? What symtons do they see? Does remotescan not show up as a scanner or do they get an error? etc
  • All users accounts that log in pick up the same path from the default user profile
    Twain drivers did not load this morning
    M:\Documents and Settings\Anon013\WINDOWS\twain_32\RemoteScan

    Twain Drivers loaded with no issues
    M:\Documents and Settings\blindel\WINDOWS\twain_32\RemoteScan

    The user does nto get an error. When attempting to scan through the application we use, the scan button is dithered out. When I launch ApplicationXtender, the default scanner is not loaded when logged in as an Anonymous user. When I attempt to select a scanner, there are no options to select. There is one option is the pop up window, "NONE".

    When I repeat the same steps logged in as myself, the default scanner is already selected. It is TWAIN: RemoteScan(TM) and I can scan as expected.
  • Does the problem ever manifest itself in a non Anonymous account? Perhaps something is not working correctly when the default user account is being created or not being mapped correctly. If the OS is mapping the homedrive and homepath to the M drive and the proper files and directory are in the windows subfolder and those files are the correct version, everything is then properly in place. The same files should also be in the system windows root as well. Provided those files are there, it is then a windows & twain function to find and display the driver list at that point.
  • The only time that I have seen the scanner not being selected(failed to load scanner message) on a Non anonymous account is when I have ApplicationXtender open and then attempt to scan a document from the Cerner application that we scan in documents on the same server.
  • I realize this is an old post but I am currently experiencing this problem. What was the solution to this issue - in the enterprise app, Citrix, the local PC or???