Problem with Remotescan under Windows 2003 / Citrix PS4.0


After we have migrated our Servers from Windows 2000 / Citrix Metaframe XP to Windows 2003 / Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 we have some problems with Remotescan.
I have installed Remotescan on the new Servers with default options and i have checked if there were all the files on the Homedrive.
If i start Word 2000 on the TS, i can select the remotescan device and all works fine. But if i start another application, the remotescan device does not appear "Unable to scan. Unable to open default TWAIN Device"...
On Windows 2000 TS all works fine with the same application. Where can the problem be?

  • It sounds like perhaps you are trying the other applications with a different user than the one you used for testing MSFT Word. The applications themselves all execute the same call to get the list of available TWAIN devices, so having it appear and work in in MSFT Word indicates it is configured correctly.

    If the applications are published apps, are they published under the same user as your test with Word?
  • Hello, and thank you for your fast answer.
    I have tested it from the same Session with the same administrative User which has installed Remotescan on the TS.
    Tests were made within a desktop-session.
  • The only thing that there is to check in that case is that the required files are in the proper homedrive and homepath as well as in the system windows folder. Insure that you are looking at the correct homedrive and homepath by bringing up a command prompt and type "set". Look at what it says for homedrive and homepath and insure those files are in there.

    then double check to be sure those same files are in c:\windows for the server.
  • Hello,
    It seems that it is installed correctly. Homedrive and Homepath is ok and all needed Files are under H:\Windows and C:\Windows (C:\Windows Twain_32)
    We use Remotescan Version 9.366. Can there be a bug in this Version?

  • No, there is no known bugs that would prevent it from showing in one application and not another.

    Do a double check for the following files:

    twain_32 <directory>
    Under twain_32 insure that there is a RemoteScan directory
    Under RemoteScan insure there are at least 6 files.

    Check for the existing of these files in both H:\windows and C:\Windows

    Beyond that, there really is not anything else to check.
    Inside of MSFT word you are seeing "RemoteScan(TM)" as the scanner choice, correct?
    All applications just make request for a list of TWAIN devices installed on the OS, so for one application to work and not another is extremely odd. Is there some sort of setting or TWAIN module that needs to be installed or configured in the other software?
  • Hi,

    I have checked for all files in H:\Windows and C:\Windows and it is ok.

    In Word i can see "RemoteScan(TM)", thats correct.

    No there is no option to configure the TWAIN Module in the other software.
    I dont understand this, because on Windows 2000 and Citrix Metaframe XP, it has worked without problems.
  • What version of the RemoteScan installer are you using. Be sure to download the most recent and use it.

    Again, as long as those files are there, there is nothing else to check. The fact that it is working in MSFT word under the same account (the same account is critical here) then there is nothing else to check and RemoteScan is configured correctly. It would indicate there is something with the other application.

    If you have a current support contract, fill free to call our tech support line
    406-721-0276 and we can use gotomeeting to log onto your machine if you would like, though we would start by checking the above things.
  • RemoteScanASP.exe Fileversion:

    Where can i download the newest Version?
    There is no newer Version avaiable at my Customer Login.
  • Yes, that is a very old version of remotescan that was released well before presentation server 4.0. The current version of remotescan 9.425. You can contact to purchase a new version of RemoteScan
  • Hello?!
    We have bought our license on 16.03.2007! The remotescan software-download was at this time too!
    Presentation Server 4.0 was released well before this Version of Remotescan!!