Problem with Remotescan under Windows 2003 / Citrix PS4.0


After we have migrated our Servers from Windows 2000 / Citrix Metaframe XP to Windows 2003 / Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 we have some problems with Remotescan.
I have installed Remotescan on the new Servers with default options and i have checked if there were all the files on the Homedrive.
If i start Word 2000 on the TS, i can select the remotescan device and all works fine. But if i start another application, the remotescan device does not appear "Unable to scan. Unable to open default TWAIN Device"...
On Windows 2000 TS all works fine with the same application. Where can the problem be?

  • The current version of RemoteScan is 9.425. What version does your RemoteScan say when you go to "about"? Right click on the RemoteScan icon and go to "about". It will give you the version.

    If you downloaded a version after march of this year is is well after version 6. To download the latest version, log in with your customer account:

    If you have a current support contract, call us at 406-721-0276.
  • Remotescan 9.366 is listed under "about".
    We have bought this version while we have migrated from Windows 2000/MetaframeXP to Windows 2003/Presentation Server 4.0.
    Now before 2 weeks, the users now want to use remotescan on the new terminalservers and it doesnt work with this version of remotescan.
    So we now have new terminalservers, a license for remotescan (March 2007) and there is no function (except MS-Word2000)...
  • There are no known issues as you describe. If the software works with MSFT word then it is installed correctly and will work with any software that can do TWAIN scanning. There must be something not configured or setup correctly in the other software to do TWAIN scanning.

    As an additional test, download and install this software on your terminal/citrix server

    The go to file->select twain source and select "remotescan (TM)".

    then file->aquire and see if it works.

    let us know
  • Your Program works with Remotescan.
    Hm...and now?
  • Well, that application is not ours but just a nice app that we recommend for people to try. If it is working as well as MSFT Word, then it is certainly something in the other application in its configuration and how it does TWAIN scanning. You should be able to select your scanner and RemoteScan(TM) will show up there. If it is not showing there, then it sounds as if it is not setup to do TWAIN scanning.
  • TWAIN is configured correctly for the program. Under Windows 2000 / Metaframe XP all works fine.
    Can you give me the newest version of remotescan, that i can test with it?
    From where am I to know, that i will work with the new version?
  • The latest version is 9.425 which you can download from within the customer area. Just log in here:
  • Hello,

    You dont understand my position.

    In the customer area, it shows this message:
    "You will not be able to download after April 12, 2007."

    Now i would like to test the new version, to see if the problem occurs with the new version too or if it works. Can you give me a the new version that i can test?

    Should i give you my customer ID?

    thank you in advance
  • In order to download the latest version you need to have a current support/upgrade contract. You can update your support by contacting or calling 406-721-0277

    Though there are no known issues with your current version of RemoteScan and Citrix, again, it is working in the other applications and there is no additional setup or configuration that happens for specific applications. It is setup and working correctly. Do you have a support contact with your applications vendor or manufacturer to be able to contact them and determine what might be causing the problem. If it was not working in MSFT Word and Irfanview, then it would be a RemoteScan configuration problem, but it is working correctly in those applications.

    What application are you using that it is not working in?

    And yes, go ahead and provide your username, I will look up your account.
  • The name of the application is P&I Loga (
    I will send you my username with a Private Message.