Scanners and thin clients

I have been reading your posts and find many mentions of scanning with a thin client from a scanner attached / shared to a workstation. All well and good, and a bow from me to you for being the first out with such a great product. BUT, what if I need to attach the scanner directly to the thin client and have the user scan from an application on the TS Server ?

Here's the picture : User sits at her thin client with a scanner next to her (plugged into the USB port on the thin client), she starts an application through Citrix PN, the Metaframe server authenticates her (server A) and sends her on her merry way to the application that resides on server B. She needs to scan from this application on server B.

Now the question : Is this possible with your product and if so, where do I install the client and/or server part of remote-scan ?

Yours through uncertainty