Install in Citrix deletes Winword.exe as Virus

I need help getting RS working. It seems to install OK until it tries updating MS Office Apps. It then deletes Windword.exe as a virus. Norton is installed on the Citrix server.

  • Yeah.. Do you really need to use the MS Office for scanning apps from the Citrix server.
    The reason I ask is that the winword.exe is actually patched to enable the scanning in the application. MS turns off scanning by default in Citrix/TS.
    So your norton would be picking it up as modified... You can either disable Norton during the install or just not choose to using scanning from the MS Office Apps.

    let me know how it works and what you decide.
  • This error can be occurred in your system due to window version or Microsoft that's why your system is crashed again and again and also occurring the error of winword.exe file ,
    it can be out of danger whenever you will install appropriate update window version.