You’ve picked up serious momentum as we draw closer to the end of the year, and we’re here to help you finish strong. You may be wondering which Quest® products are best bets to help you hit your goals. You may also want to know what’s new for partners right now. And you’re probably curious how our recent acquisition of Binary Tree fits into the Quest product portfolio. You can get all those answers and more when you watch our October partner webcast on demand. In the meantime, here’s a recap of all the highlights.

Racing to the finish line

Todd Werner, VP of Channels, kicked off the session by welcoming our new Binary Tree partners and sharing our collective excitement. (More to come on this!)

Todd then noted that we’re in the final sprint, collaborating on a massive amount of pipeline. He commended partners on a job well done in the face of uncertainty and tighter budgets. He also provided a reminder that we’re here to support you with all the enablement you need for a strong close, so please don’t be afraid to ask for help.

State of the business

Demand is picking up from Q2, with continued strong pipeline, as we adapt to the “new normal.” Q2 bookings QTD are at +24 percent YoY and Q3 QTD pipeline creation is at +50 percent YoY.

Hot products

We’re seeing a lot of success with solutions that support remote workforces by helping to secure, modernize and manage IT environments. In terms of security, Active Roles by Quest is off the charts. Identity Manager by Quest is also generating a lot of pipeline. SharePlex® by Quest and Foglight® for Databases by Quest were other big players in workforce enablement. Don’t forget to check out the related playbooks for these products in the Quest Partner Circle.

Survey says…

Watch for a short, 10-question survey, coming soon, to help us ensure we’re catering to you and where the market is going. On to the BU updates.

Microsoft platform management

Steven Phillips, Senior Director of Product Marketing, covered the Binary Tree acquisition, and our commitment to providing end-to-end support for Active Directory and Office 365 management and modernization.

Steven explained how our solutions help users move faster, stay in control and tighten security. He also provided an introduction to Binary Tree, touching on their impressive stats, including that they’ve helped migrate 60 million users! With the capabilities Binary Tree and our other Microsoft platform management solutions offer, your customers will have no reason to look anywhere else for their migration scenarios.

Information systems management

Senior Advisor Caitlin Risk covered our solutions for database performance monitoring, unified endpoint management and data protection. Caitlin noted that while individual contributors, like DBAs and developers, use these products, this is what enables them to meet executive-level priorities, such as mitigating risk, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. That means you can feel comfortable speaking to anyone at various levels throughout an organization about these solutions.

Big bets include Foglight for Databases, Foglight Evolve, ApexSQL® by Quest and SharePlex, which now supports data replication from Oracle to Kafka and Oracle to SQL Server. For endpoint management, the biggest bets right now are KACE® Systems Management Appliance by Quest, driven by Chromebook campaigns in the education vertical, and RemoteScan® by Quest, which is helping healthcare, freight and government with secure document scanning. In data protection, NetVault® by Quest for Office 365 and QoreStor® by Quest can help you hit your numbers. You can get more details and find campaigns in a box on the partner portal.

One Identity

Todd Peterson, Director of Product Marketing, discussed the mantra security starts with identity. Every hack, every breach, starts with identity. So, we say security starts here. While the identity and access management market is large, Quest has a very strong and powerful story around AD account lifecycle management, identity governance and administration and privileged access management.

Nearly all of your customers need to manage AD, and One Identity by Quest increases efficiency and security. Todd noted this is a fairly easy space to win deals because nearly everyone has AD and needs to solve challenges in this area. Todd advised partners to focus on opportunities with AD account lifecycle management (Active Roles), privileged access management, privileged security for AD and next-gen privileged access management.

Other hot topics

If you’d like to learn more about our Binary Tree integration plan for partners, watch for more details toward the end of this year. We’ll provide additional communication in this area in the coming months. If you’re part of Partner Circle, you can reach out to your Binary Tree contacts to get quotes. If you’re not part of Partner Circle today, we need you to go into the portal and get signed up, which is fast and easy.

If you’re looking for more leads, be sure to get your certifications from training and enablement and work with your local channel manager.

Finishing strong

Take advantage of all the great resources on the partner portal that’ll help you reach your goals. We’re here to help and we’re looking forward to a strong close to together.


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