when scanning multiple documents only first page appears

When logged into a terminal session the users open a program and can scan multiple documents but only the first document shows up in the section of the program where the documents are displayed. All users are affected, except when you log into the terminal session with the administrators account. Even if you log into the terminal session with a domain admin account it doesn't show multiple pages that are scanned in the software.
Currently we are using a fujitsu fi-6130 scanner with a DocketPORT465 driver and selected on the local machine as RemoteScan server WIA Scanner fi-6130dj.
  • One thing you may want to try is memory transfer mode. To enable this, right-click on the RemoteScan server icon on the workstation with the scanner attached, then hold down F2 (on your keyboard) as you click "options". Then look for the "memory transfer mode" option and enable it. Run a scan with this setting enabled to see if you get all of the images. If this doesn't work we will need to dial in and have a look at your configuration, it may be a setting in your scanning application. Please give us a call at RemoteScan Tech Support if necessary 406-721-0276.

  • To see how to scan multiple pages into one file using the automatic document feeder or the flatbed scanner glass. All pages on the automatic document feeder scanned automatically.