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Quest® Nova

Simplify the management of large, complex, and multi-tenant environments with Quest® Nova, Microsoft 365 management software that provides deeper operational visibility and control across your environment. With integrated services such as reporting, delegation and policy control, Nova makes it easier and more efficient for you to maximize the return on your Microsoft cloud investment.
Quest Nova - Office 365 management software gives deeper operational visibility and control.
Introducing Nova management and adoption platform for Office 365 02:09

Microsoft 365 tenant management presents you with significant IT challenges due to the multiple workloads, admin consoles and data sources used in managing Microsoft 365. These challenges are compounded by a very high rate of change and limited, native cross-workload management capabilities. As tenants grow larger, or as you add multiple tenants through mergers and acquisitions, these challenges become ever more difficult to manage, and they hamper administration, troubleshooting and IT service delivery.

Whether you have one tenant or thousands, Quest Nova Microsoft 365 management software provides integrated services from a single SaaS platform, enabling you to gain deeper visibility and control of your environment, while removing a significant load from IT.

A single platform for total Microsoft 365 management

By integrating crucial management areas covering many use cases into one platform, Nova transforms insights into action.
Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics

With more than 100 customizable Microsoft 365 reports and dashboards, you can make fast decisions and manage your licenses, user adoption, mail flow, security settings, permissions, storage optimization and much more.

Key Features

  • Drill-down based on AD attributes
  • Correlate data from Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Yammer and the native audit log
  • Visualize data with charts, heat maps and more
  • Export, schedule and share insights across your entire organization in a secure and controlled manner
Delegation and policy control

Delegation and policy control

Nova provides granular delegation and policy control for Microsoft 365, enabling you to assign pre-defined roles and responsibilities to specific users, such as help desk operators, country-level administrators, or even end-users – setting boundaries far more precise than native delegation. Nova also includes policy-based automation for authorization, service configuration and license assignment.
License lifecycle management

License lifecycle management

Nova combines reporting, delegation and policy management tools to help IT, finance and business units tackle the Microsoft 365 license management problems of over-purchasing and under-utilization. With clear and immediate visibility into unassigned licenses, you can drive adoption, reassign where needed and reduce cost.
User adoption

User adoption

Nova helps you accelerate Microsoft 365 user adoption. With access to granular usage reports from across all workloads, you can identify and target users who need help and send them email campaigns with tips and training content. You can track adoption campaign progress and adjust your scope as results emerge.
Service health monitoring

Service health monitoring

Nova watches the performance and availability of the global Microsoft 365 service network so you don’t have to – proactively alerting you of potential problems, spotlighting possible root causes and keeping you fully informed of how incidents impact your users. Nova will also keep watch on your network and compare results to help pinpoint and isolate issues.

Key Features

  • Teams voice quality, latency, packet loss and jitter
  • Exchange Online mailbox and Autodiscover connectivity, mail routing and calendar access
  • OneDrive file upload and download
  • Active Directory Federation Services connectivity
  • URL-based monitoring for load balancers, mobile device management and other endpoints
Security and audit reports

Security and audit reports

Protect your Office 365 environment with detailed auditing, alerting and pre-defined policy exception reports. Unlike the native Office 365 audit log, Quadrotech Nova combines security and audit data with reports on current permissions, access levels, Teams membership, user licenses and group memberships, giving you a complete picture of user and administrator activity across all tenants so you can detect and investigate potential threats.

Use Cases

Multi-tenant management

IT administrators and MSPs can manage multiple Microsoft 365 tenants from a single platform

Help desk service resolution

With greater visibility and more efficient Microsoft 365 administration tools, you can reduce the time required to diagnose and resolve level 1 help desk calls.

Microsoft 365 license optimization

Automated license lifecycle management minimizes wasted licenses and drives usage and adoption of all that you buy.

Proactive service monitoring

Identify, classify and prioritize service issues that affect users more rapidly.

Remote workplace enablement

Create logical, virtual boundaries to support business units and other information boundaries.

Incident investigation

Rapidly investigate the scope, nature and extent of a suspicious incident or unusual patterns of activity.

Tech Specs

Datacenters are available in the US and EMEA regions.

The latest version of the following browsers (desktop, not mobile) are supported:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

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