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Using Data Replication to Upgrade Your Oracle® Database with Minimal Downtime

When it comes to reducing costs, moving to more affordable database platforms can deliver significant savings. But database migrations are intimidating, carrying a high risk of costly database downtime. So it may feel safer to stick with your current vendor. Yet failing to take advantage of new, cost-effective options keeps you stuck in the past.

What if you could modernize your database environment – without all the risk? In this tech brief, you’ll discover how SharePlex® data replication can empower you to move to nearly any database platform without downtime or data loss. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Safely move away from technology that is expensive to purchase and operate.
  • Reliably migrate data, without having to pay for costly add ons or management packs.
  • Easily overcome common migration challenges.
  • Quickly move to a new database platform without interrupting business.