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Why top financial companies trust SharePlex for Oracle data replication

We evaluated SharePlex and GoldenGate and SharePlex had more functions we needed. When we saw we’d be able to use it for more than just migrating databases, we decided to procure it.

Patrick Smith from the computer processing company, EPX, discusses why SharePlex is the Golden Alternative 02:32
Why is SharePlex superior to GoldenGate? EPX shares their story.

Your company’s survival hinges on maintaining Oracle database high availability. Database downtime not only means business interruption but also massive fines that rapidly escalate.

This risk is so serious, it may feel safer to avoid migrating to more cost-effective database platforms like Standard Edition or the cloud. But failing to modernize your Oracle database infrastructure puts you at a competitive disadvantage.

What if you could safely move your data from Oracle to Oracle – without costly GoldenGate? This would mean you could dramatically reduce IT costs before, during and after your database migration, all while gaining additional functionality at a fraction of the price of native tools. With SharePlex® data replication, you’ll meet your database operational goals – with zero downtime and zero data loss. Move it, don’t lose it, with SharePlex.

High availability
Maintain compliance by achieving the five 9’s of data availability.
Migrations and upgrades
Safely move to Oracle SE, the Oracle Cloud and more while reducing IT costs.
Offload reporting
Improve Oracle database performance while supporting analytics.

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