Take Open Source Databases Seriously with Toad Edge®

Take Open Source Databases Seriously with Toad Edge®

Open source database – it’s the new normal, accounting for roughly three quarters of new, in-house applications and half of existing RDBMS conversions, according to Gartner. And that number is set to grow, as more and more organizations are recognizing how reliable and affordable the open source database is. But without the right MySQL or Postgres database tools, you won’t maximize the value of your open source database. 

What if you could speed open source database adoption, reduce the learning curve and maximize business value? This means you’d achieve all the goals you had in mind when you decided to move away from expensive legacy vendors. With Toad Edge®, you’ll get the most from your open source database while saving time and money. 

In this tech brief, you’ll see how to:

  • Simplify open source database development.
  • Compare schemas and generate sync scripts. 
  • Monitor database sessions.
  • Improve DevOps processes. 
  • Reduce risk. 
Take Open Source Databases Seriously with Toad Edge®



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