Secure your GPOs, protect your Active Directory

Secure your GPOs, protect your Active Directory
  • 録画日:Aug. 17, 2023
  • イベント:録画版
Secure your GPOs, protect your Active Directory

Effectively managing and securing your GPOs can spell success or doom for your Active Directory (AD) environment. One vulnerable GPO with a seemingly harmless setting can serve as an AD time bomb — waiting to be compromised and morphed into an attack path highway to your organization's most critical assets. The result: massive damage to your AD security posture. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are also aware of this fact, which is why there's been an increase of GPO-focused attacks making headlines in the news.

So, how can you avoid becoming the next AD disaster story? Join us for this on-demand webinar, where Matthew Vinton, Strategic Systems Consultant from Quest, and Justin Kohler, Vice President of Product from SpecterOps, will dive into:

  • Recent GPO security disasters
  • Why GPOs are targeted
  • How GPOs are being abused
  • A solution to secure attack paths in your Active Directory — including GPOs



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