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Enhancing Active Directory Security and Lateral Movement Security

Enhancing Active Directory Security and Lateral Movement Security

You’ve undoubtedly put a variety of defenses in place to limit the ability of attackers to enter your network — but attackers are notoriously persistent. They are constantly inventing increasingly sophisticated tactics for duping users and slipping past firewalls: phishing attacks, drive-by downloads, brute-force attacks, infected USB drives, purchase of credentials on the dark web and so on.

Inevitably, some of them will get through. Moreover, other attackers are already inside, in the form of malicious insiders — disgruntled employees, former employees whose credentials were never disabled, contractors with their own agendas and so on. That’s why more and more government agencies and private businesses alike, from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) to Microsoft, are adopting an “assume breach” mindset, which accepts that attackers are already inside the network and focuses on developing strategies to mitigate the threat they pose.

Fortunately, there are proven best practices that can help you protect your critical systems and data by limiting the ability of attackers to move laterally and escalate their privileges. This e-book explores those best practices, explains how to implement them as much as possible using native tools, and then offers a better solution — Quest® Enterprise Reporter.

Enhancing Active Directory Security and Lateral Movement Security

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