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Migrating Your IBM Notes Document Libraries to SharePoint: Choosing the Right Target to Maximize SharePoint Business Value

As your organization plans its migration from IBM Notes to SharePoint, you might expect that migrating your document libraries will be the simplest task. After all, both platforms offer document libraries — shouldn’t you simply migrate each Notes document library to a corresponding SharePoint document library?

The truth is, Notes and SharePoint document libraries are more like distant cousins than identical twins, so document library migration is not that simple. Notes document libraries have a number of features that are not supported in SharePoint document libraries, so a direct migration is not usually the best choice for your business and your users. Fortunately, SharePoint offers a variety of targets for your Notes document libraries — targets that offer the features and functionality you need after the migration. You simply need to understand your options and take some time to plan.

This tech brief details the specific differences between Notes and SharePoint document libraries that affect migration, explains the options you have for SharePoint migration targets and provides recommendations about when each option is most appropriate. Then, it steps you through the process of completing each type of migration quickly and easily using Migrator for Notes to SharePoint.