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You need an AD-centered automated Cyber Resilience plan

You need an AD-centered automated cyber resilience plan
On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Oct. 20, 2021
  • Event:On Demand
You need an AD-centered automated cyber resilience plan

If ransomware hits your business tomorrow, are you prepared?

The recent attacks on critical infrastructure should serve as a wake-up call that ransomware can affect or ruin your business if you don't have an automated Cyber Resilience plan.

Every resource (databases, applications, file systems and endpoints) needs to be restored. And Active Directory (AD) needs to be at the heart of this cyber resilience process, as without AD you are likely to recreate everything from scratch and may never be able to access your data again.

Most data and applications can be restored from backups, but AD is different. Microsoft documents a multitude of complicated steps that you must perform and coordinate on all domain controllers to restore AD to an error-free state. But what if the backups themselves are infected?  Where do you start?

Learn how Recovery Manager for Active Directory - Disaster Recovery Edition automates all of these complicated steps in this short webinar. You can even take out the infected operating system by restoring AD to new, clean servers or servers you have hardened and protected, or even servers in the cloud.

This webinar is in English language and of course free of charge for you.


Marc Koeneman - Software Sales Engineer
Frank van Zijll - SW Sales Account Manager  
Erwin Bovens - SW Sales Account Manager

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