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Bridge the Divide Between Infrastructure and Databases with Foglight®

On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Jun. 2, 2020
  • Event:On Demand
It’s the age old problem – is it the software or the infrastructure? A user calls for help – the application is slow, but what’s causing it? As a system administrator, you need to determine whether it’s the virtual machine, the code or maybe it’s the database. It could be one or more, but how do you know which one? 

Your first inclination might be to call the DBA and get them to rule out the database as the source while you investigate the VM. But what if you could immediately pinpoint the root cause anywhere in the stack and work collaboratively with your DBA to resolve it?

Currently, DBAs and system administrators are on different ends of the same problem, and neither has visibility into the other’s domain. There’s a divide between infrastructure and databases that neither side can currently bridge. 

In this on demand program, Martin Wild will examine two common use cases that illustrate this gap and how Foglight can help bridge the divide. 

Martin will look at a situation where the database is slow because the VM is starved of resources. He will also walk through a scenario where the VM has abundant resources and those resources are then reallocated without affecting the database performance. 

In each case, he’ll show how Foglight can quickly bring the two teams together to improve system performance, reduce costs and enhance collaboration. 


Martin Wild, Quest