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Cloud Migration Overview: Key Tips for Successfully Migrating Your Databases to the Cloud

On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Oct. 25, 2017
  • Event:On Demand

Are you thinking about moving your databases to the cloud or making the transition to database as a service (DBaaS)? With cloud computing vendors offering more services at lower prices, the barriers to spinning up cloud resources are diminishing.

But there are few black-and-white questions in technology and even fewer in business, which is why smart companies look at all the shades of gray in an innovation like the cloud-based database before they commit on a large scale.

In this cloud overview session, we’ll examine the what, why, when, where and how of database cloud computing. We'll examine the current cloud landscape, provide answers to the most commonly asked questions and focus on a number of important but frequently overlooked points.

We’ll discuss:

  • Key trends driving enterprises to move their data to the cloud
  • When you should move to the cloud, what you should move to the cloud and how to make the transition
  • And much more


Clay Jackson - Database Systems Engineer

Clay Jackson is a Database Systems Engineer for Quest, specializing in database performance management and replication tools. Prior to joining Quest, Jackson was the DBA Manager at Darigold. He also spent over 10 years managing Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 databases and DBAs at Washington Mutual. While at WaMu, Jackson was the Enterprise Database Compliance Officer, with responsibility for database security and disaster recovery. He has worked at Microsoft and Starbucks, is a CISM, and has a master’s in software engineering from Seattle University. Clay also holds an Amateur Radio Extra Class license, and provides communications for a variety of events such as the Plain 100 Ultra Run.