Tech webcast: Data Mining for Fifth Graders

Tech webcast: Data Mining for Fifth Graders
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  • Recorded Date:Jan. 21, 2016
  • Event:On Demand
Tech webcast: Data Mining for Fifth Graders
Data Mining. Algorithms. Models. Fitting. Validation. These are all expressions associated with very complex processes that are commonly considered incomprehensible to most people. But they really are more accessible than you might think.
Did you know these available methodologies can be explained, algebraically, in simple ways? And, at the same time, there are many other analytics actions that, despite their complexity, are very geometrical in their nature. 

In this webcast, we’ll explore some of the Statistica Data Mining algorithms. You’ll gain a better understanding of their inner workings and the confidence to use them in your day-to-day business activities. And despite the “tech” title for this webcast, no previous knowledge of analytics or familiarity with Statistica is required.

This educational session will expand your knowledge of: 
  • The algorithms available in Statistica Data Miner, their main purposes and ways to apply them to your data.
  • The logic behind some of these algorithms, from Regression models to Support Vector Machines.
  • Data mining, giving you the ability to explain it to your colleagues (and maybe even fifth graders).


Nuno Antonio comes from a data science background and started his career as a researcher, modelling carbon retention for the paper and pulp industry. Later, he served as a data and text mining consultant in areas such as manufacturing, security, marketing and healthcare. Now based in the London area, Nuno is presently pre- and post-sales senior manager for Statistica in EMEA.

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