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Top 5 Challenges of Managing Cross Platform Database environments_

On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Nov. 16, 2017
  • Event:On Demand

In this corner, we have the biggest, burliest, gnarliest database challenges. And in this corner, we have the most intimidating, world-dominating database experts, ready and waiting to take on their opponents. Who will win in the ultimate showdown of cross-platform mixed martial arts? Find out in this exciting webcast!

We’re taking off the gloves to battle the toughest DBA challenges. Register today to get the coaching you need to:

  • Knock out performance issues and manage multiple database platforms with one monitoring solution
  • Score optimal availability and performance without breaking the bank
  • Take on large database environments in different locations, including on premises and in the cloud, like a heavyweight champ
  • Tackle database health with little to no impact on performance overhead


Jason Hall and Pini Dibask