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How to Improve your SIEM’s ROI and Threat-Hunting Potential

Are you getting maximum value from your SIEM? Probably not — 54 percent of cybersecurity pros say that their SIEM detects less than half of all security incidents, and many organizations have had to dial back monitoring to control SIEM costs.

The root of the problem isn’t your SIEM. Most likely, it’s the way you’re using it. SIEMs are great for analytics and reporting, but they’re a highly expensive and inefficient way to do event log management.

This white paper reveals how to dramatically improve your SIEM’s ROI and threat-hunting potential by adopting a better event log management model. You’ll discover how pairing your SIEM with Quest InTrust will enable you to:

  • Collect more (and sometimes better) data
  • Archive that data cost-effectively for 10 years or more
  • Improve threat detection and slash costs by feeding your SIEM a lower volume of higher quality data