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Office 365 Migration: It's just a migration – what could possibly go wrong?

If your organization is considering a move to Office 365, you might be pinging back and forth between two extremes: faith that everything will go right and terror that something critical will go wrong. As they say, hope is not a strategy — but neither is fear. Don’t let hope fling you into a migration project insufficiently prepared, but don’t let fear keep you from taking advantage of all the benefits that Office 365 has to offer.

Instead, get the hard facts that you need to deliver a truly successful Office 365 migration. Exactly what could go wrong? Precisely what steps can you take to avoid these pitfalls? And what tried and true Office 365 migration tools are available to help? This whitepaper from Redmond Magazine answers these key questions for each of the three phases of a cloud migration project so you can:

  • Create a solid migration plan
  • Deliver a seamless migration on schedule
  • Manage your cloud or hybrid environment effectively after the migration

Download the whitepaper and learn how to simplify all these Office 365 migration steps while strengthening security, keeping users productive, and saving time and money.