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What is the ideal enterprise monitoring solution?

With so many database monitoring systems on the market, deciding on an enterprise monitoring solution (i.e., Datadog, AppDynamics or Dynatrace replacement) might be challenging. Foglight® by Quest® provides you with one tool for monitoring your entire data estate, fast identification and analysis of the most time-consuming and frequently executed queries, and the ability to customize views, dashboards, reports and alerts. Foglight is an ideal choice to replace many enterprise monitoring solutions because of its extensive breadth and its deep-dive analytics, automations, and visualizations. Foglight enables operations teams to contribute more strategically to digital transformation initiatives by allowing them to manage their entire data environment in one tool.

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Questions you should ask enterprise monitoring solution alternatives

  • How does the monitoring solution accommodate the specific needs and scale of our enterprise environment?
  • How do you handle situations where performance is impacted due to unintended changes in the database configuration?
  • How does your solution identify and tune a query?

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Other Solutions

Query Analysis/Explain Plan


Multi-Dimensional Views – Realtime/Historical


Support multiple databases

Not many

Advanced Analytics – Change Tracking


Notification Channels & Alarms


Alarms Management


Top 3 reasons to select Foglight as an enterprise monitoring solution

  1. A single solution for monitoring your entire data ecosystem – Foglight is a time-tested, heterogeneous database monitoring and investigative tool. Foglight provides platform-specific intelligence for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle and other traditional relational databases along with popular NoSQL platforms like MongoDB and Cassandra as well as cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift and Snowflake. Eliminate disparate tools with a single product that gives you single pane of glass visibility and helps to diminish risks.
  2. Quickly identify the root causes of performance issues – Foglight ranks and sorts queries by impact enabling you to rapidly identify the root cause of a performance deviation in your application environment. With Foglight, you can significantly reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by focusing on the specific queries causing performance issues.
  3. Adapt Foglight to your specific needs with custom views, dashboards, reports and alerts – Foglight enables you to produce customized and shareable reports, views and dashboards that visualize the key performance indicators important to you about the monitored databases in your environment. You can also customize alert notifications to catch critical changes or deviations.