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Foglight for microservices monitoring

As microservice applications have proliferated, there is a corresponding need for microservices monitoring to control costs and cloud sprawl. Foglight is the broadest and deepest performance monitoring and optimization solution for the hybrid enterprise, giving you visibility into your microservices infrastructure – including databases, containers and Kubernetes deployments. Foglight provides deep diagnostic capabilities for databases and allows you to optimize container and Kubernetes performance for your mission critical microservices-based applications.
Foglight for microservices monitoring

Top 3 reasons to select Foglight for microservices monitoring

One solution for all your database types, container/cloud monitoring and cost optimization – Monitor your containers, Kubernetes workloads, cloud environments and at least 11 different relational, open source and NoSQL databases. Foglight also helps you see your true cloud costs, or model those costs before moving a workload to the cloud.

Multiple deployment model support – Whether your environment is on premises, in the cloud or hybrid, Foglight provides performance monitoring from a single console. IaaS and PaaS cloud environments, their resource usage and their costs are more visible to you - and controllable - with Foglight.

Monitor DevOps activities, installations and workflows – Foglight is a proven investigative and database monitoring tool for complex database environments. Eliminate multiple tools with a product that gives you single pane of glass visibility for your microservices infrastructure.

Make the wise choice for microservices monitoring

Customer support and proactive account management

Customer support and proactive account management

When selecting a monitoring solution, you want to consider the track record of the vendor’s support services in addition to the product itself. Quest’s support and account management teams are passionate about issue resolution and ensuring our customers are completely satisfied. In fact, they’ve won multiple awards that confirm our exceptional dedication and unique way of delivering an excellent customer experience:

  • One of the Top 10 “Best Support Sites” by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP)
  • Winner of Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award in the Voice of the Customer category
Frequent product enhancements and releases

Frequent product enhancements and releases

As you consider microservices monitoring, be sure your next vendor provides frequent product enhancements and security updates. An active roadmap and development program protects your investment as well as safeguards your organization from external security threats. No matter how your organization keeps up with business requirements by modernizing its application technology landscape, Foglight will expand its ability to monitor your data environment, on premises, in the cloud and beyond.
Superior database performance diagnostics

Superior performance diagnostics

Because organizations are adopting multiple database platforms, virtualization technologies, and cloud platforms for new applications, your monitoring provider should encapsulate multiple platform expertise. Today’s database teams need performance metrics and diagnostic capabilities so they can identify the root cause of an issue that’s specific to their platforms. Platform-specific intelligence is already built into Foglight, so you can:

  • Identify baselines and make changes according to historic loads
  • Analyze the details of SQL and VM workloads
  • Perform historical analysis of performance and availability trends and anomalies

Foglight’s feature rich workload analysis and diagnostic toolset makes it ideal for microservices monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the strengths of Foglight is the breadth of what it monitors and manages. Databases, virtualization, containers, Kubernetes and other aspects of microservices are handled in depth. With existing capabilities in Foglight for Databases and Foglight Evolve you can comprehensively manage your microservices.
Quest offers professional services including architectural consultation and deployment. These services can be designed to suit your needs, combining pre-packaged bundles (packs) and a la carte services as needed. There are many options, including rapid deployment for large environments. Ask your Quest representative about our professional services offerings.

Yes, Foglight monitors MySQL and MongoDB, along with 9 other types of databases at this time. You simply license Foglight for the database instances you wish to monitor. There are out-of-the-box dashboards available for licensed DBMS types. Each monitored instance appears in the Databases Global View so you can launch your database performance investigations from that single location.

Elevated credentials are not required for the Foglight user to view monitoring information. Only the Foglight collection mechanism requires certain privileges for the DBMS as Foglight executes lightweight queries. Foglight stores those credentials securely in the product's own "lockbox" mechanism.    

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