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See into the database upside down.

Identify and fire ball performance pollywogs – before they morph into database demons!

Scary new threats in the cloud, open source and DevOps can make it seem as if your databases are possessed. Wielding home-grown tools or subpar solutions only leaves you feeling like a kid on Halloween: You’re in your costume, strapped into your Proton Pack, gripping a plastic ghost trap, but it’s all a façade; it’s simply no match for the real dangers lurking in the darkness.

But what if you could have true insight? You’d divert database disasters with your ability to predict, ward off and slam emerging issues into submission. Get ready to mind-meld into the psychic loop and modernize your database environment with powerful solutions that support cloud, open-source and DevOps initiatives. You’re about to gain all the expert insight you need to enter a new world of DBA superpowers, minus the headaches.

Lift the veil of shadows with these free resources.

Surviving the business takeover of IT and other terrifying trends

Survive the business takeover of IT and other terrifying trends.

Afraid of all the monstrous changes affecting database management? As business rolls out new initiatives to reduce IT costs, it can feel as if you’re in the midst of an alien takeover. From the cloud and open source to database DevOps, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the changes seeping into your once-safe database world. In this e-book, you’ll learn why these scary shifts aren’t as threatening as they seem – if you have the right strategies and tools to survive all the freakish changes to the database landscape.
Read E-book: Free E-book: The DBA’s Guide to the Cloud, Open Source and DevOps
Solving database performance mysteries

Solve database performance mysteries.

Not sure how to solve challenges in your cross-platform database environment? Tap into your inner detective on our on-demand webcast to learn how to score optimal availability and performance, wrestle hundreds of databases, and maintain databases on premise and in the cloud.
Watch Webcast: Virtual Booth: Top Five Challenges of Managing Cross-Platform Database Environments
Dodging the dark side of new database challenges

Dodging the dark side of new database challenges

Just when you think you’re safe, an army of threats blasts through the calm. From more new database platforms to scope creep into application management, DBAs are facing alarming trends and it is increasingly difficult to keep up. In this report, you’ll see what hundreds of other DBAs are dealing with and how you can tap into your IT physic powers to protect your career from peril.
Read White Paper: DBAs Face New Challenges: Trends in Database Administration

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