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What is the ideal SolarWinds alternative?

With so many products on the market for infrastructure monitoring, it can be difficult to decide on a SolarWinds alternative. Foglight® by Quest® provides visibility into and proactive monitoring of physical and virtual environments, across multiple database platforms, and for added security. Foglight’s extensive breadth, along with its deep-dive analytics capabilities, automations and visualizations make it the ideal solution for SolarWinds replacement. By enabling operations teams to proactively manage the data environment, Foglight positions them to make a more strategic contribution to digital transformation initiatives.

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Questions you should ask SolarWinds

  • What do you offer beyond network monitoring? What do you offer in regard to database monitoring?
  • What are your tuning capabilities, and what tools can help with a database optimizer?
  • Do you offer a multi-dimensional analysis and within a single view?

Feature-by-Feature Comparison




Multi-dimensional analysis


Change tracking & workload comparisons


Heatmap for rapid issue prioritization


Free out-of-box OS monitoring


Machine learning


Alarms, reports, customizations


Top 3 reasons to select Foglight as a SolarWinds alternative

  1. Single solution for relational, open-source, and NoSQL databases – Foglight encompasses over 20 years of development to provide platform-specific intelligence for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle and other traditional relational databases along with popular NoSQL platforms like MongoDB and Cassandra.
  2. Supports multiple deployment models – As a SolarWinds alternative, Foglight monitors databases across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments from a single console. Cover a variety of IaaS and PaaS cloud environments, such as the Azure SQL Database family: Managed Instance, Single Database and Elastic Pools.
  3. One-stop product for your entire database ecosystem – Foglight is a time-tested, heterogenous database monitoring and investigative tool. Eliminate disparate tools with a single product that gives you single pane of glass visibility and helps to diminish risks.