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What is the ideal SolarWinds alternative?

With so many products on the market for infrastructure monitoring, it can be difficult to decide on a SolarWinds alternative. Foglight® by Quest® provides visibility into and proactive monitoring of physical and virtual environments, across multiple database platforms, and for added security. Foglight’s extensive breadth, along with its deep-dive analytics capabilities, automations and visualizations make it the ideal solution for SolarWinds replacement. By enabling operations teams to proactively manage the data environment, Foglight positions them to make a more strategic contribution to digital transformation initiatives.
Foglight for Databases is an ideal SolarWinds alternative

Top 3 reasons to select Foglight as a SolarWinds alternative

  1. Single solution for relational, open-source, and NoSQL databases – Foglight encompasses over 20 years of development to provide platform-specific intelligence for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle and other traditional relational databases along with popular NoSQL platforms like MongoDB and Cassandra.
  2. Supports multiple deployment models – As a SolarWinds alternative, Foglight monitors databases across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments from a single console. Cover a variety of IaaS and PaaS cloud environments, such as the Azure SQL Database family: Managed Instance, Single Database and Elastic Pools.
  3. One-stop product for your entire database ecosystem – Foglight is a time-tested, heterogenous database monitoring and investigative tool. Eliminate disparate tools with a single product that gives you single pane of glass visibility and helps to diminish risks.

Make your strategic solution choice wisely

Your database performance monitoring (DPM) solution is a long-term, strategic investment, especially because of the difficulty associated with trying new vendors on your production systems. You need to select a DPM vendor and solution that meet your current technical requirements and will also support your future applications, infrastructure and database platforms. Foglight is that future-proof solution.
Customer support and proactive account management with our SolarWinds replacement

Customer support and proactive account management

When selecting a SolarWinds alternative, the strength and quality of its support services is as important as the product itself. The award-winning support and account management teams at Quest are passionate about resolving every issue to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Internal surveys and external recognition consistently confirm our exceptional commitment and unique approach to delivering an excellent customer experience:

  • One of the Top 10 “Best Support Sites” by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP)
  • Winner of Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award in the Voice of the Customer category
Frequent product enhancements and releases

Frequent product enhancements and releases

As you consider a SolarWinds alternative, be sure your next DPM vendor provides frequent product enhancements and security updates. Not only does this protect you from threats, but it also helps future-proof your investment as database vendors continuously develop platform improvements. As your organization modernizes its databases to keep up with business requirements, you can be assured that Foglight will grow and adapt with you to monitor your data environment – from relational databases, to NoSQL and open source databases, to cloud data warehouses and beyond.
Superior database performance diagnostics with our SolarWinds alternative

Superior database performance diagnostics

Your next solution provider should offer multiple platform expertise in a single product. Generic performance metrics are of little value when you’re trying to identify the root cause of an issue that’s specific to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or other platform. Foglight provides built-in platform-specific intelligence that will help you:

  • Identify baselines and adapt according to historic loads
  • Analyze SQL workload details
  • Analyze locks historically as well as in real time

Foglight’s feature rich workload analysis and diagnostic toolset makes it ideal as a SolarWinds replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many excellent network monitoring tools on the market, and we have chosen to complement those solutions rather than replace their functionality with our own. We’re focused on providing the best-of-breed, broadest and deepest database and infrastructure monitor for the hybrid enterprise.
Foglight has been monitoring databases since 2003, and the investment in its continued market relevance continues today. In fact, Quest has been building expertise in database management for nearly 25 years. You can count on this expertise as you evaluate a SolarWinds replacement.
No matter how your application is built, performance is a must and Foglight is an ideal match for microservices-based applications on any database – open source or otherwise. Microservices applications can still experience issues such as slow query response, lock contention, high resource consumption and concurrency problems, not to mention database and service availability. Foglight helps you monitor the systems and database components of a microservice, along with those that are accessed by microservices via APIs. This way, you can quickly pinpoint performance issues and diagnose root causes for resolution.

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