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The Windows Server 2016 and Azure AD Recycle Bins, and Quest Recovery Solutions

Window Server 2008 R2 included a particularly welcome enhancement, Recycle Bin recovery, which enables restore of some recently-deleted objects from Active Directory (AD). To facilitate object recovery in cloud-based environments, Microsoft provides the Azure AD Recycle Bin, which offers similar but not identical functionality to its on-premises sibling.

These Recycle Bins are extremely valuable in certain situations. If an AD object such as a user account has been mistakenly deleted, for instance, you might be able to restore the object from the AD or Azure AD Recycle Bin. However, the Microsoft Recycle Bin is not, and was never intended to be, a complete recovery solution. There are a number of limitations that are important to know about the Recycle Bin.

In this informative paper, we’ll explore:

  • The limitations of the AD and Azure AD Recycle Bins
  • Why other tools are necessary to fill the Recycle Bin recovery gaps
  • How Quest solutions help you be prepared for and recover from any disaster
  • And much more

And if you're still planing your Windows Server 2016 upgrade, get tips for optimizing your Active Directory before your move.