Mobile device management

Simple, straightforward, cloud-based mobile device management

While some IT admins think of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices as another category of endpoints, Mobile Device Management often involves unique considerations that don’t always come with traditional devices. First, the sheer volume of mobile devices brings more complexity to the enterprise. Plus each device can be an entry point for security threats. True Mobile Device Management makes it easier to manage and secure mobile devices, ensuring that end-user productivity continues to grow without IT productivity plummeting.

Simplify IT asset management with endpoint systems management solutions.

Simplify IT asset management with endpoint systems management solutions.


Discover how our mobile device management solution helps you manage and secure mobile devices, boosting productivity for end-users, without sacrificing IT productivity.

Fast implementation

Be up and running in just a few hours with a SaaS-hosted solution. There’s nothing for you to install or manage in your data center.

Easy device enrollment

Simply provide your users with a URL that enables them to register their devices. Upon enrollment, the device will be provisioned with the initial profile, ready for cloud-based mobile device management.

Powerful device control

Send specific commands to any mobile device that has been registered — you can inventory, lock, unlock, erase or factory reset the device or reset its password.

Flexible, comprehensive device inventory

Get an inventory of your mobile devices automatically each day, or generate an inventory at any time. The information collected includes device attributes, configured policies, installed appliances, installed certificates, installed profiles and network settings (Wi-Fi and VPN).

Flexible user management

Filter the user list by device attributes, or filter the device list by user attributes, for easy cloud mobile device management when users have multiple devices.

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