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Conversational Geek e-book: Hybrid AD Security Remediation & Mitigation

You probably already realize the criticality of Active Directory (AD) security today. With AD serving as the basis for many on-premises and cloud-based applications, as well as many security platforms, along with the natural extension of on-premises AD into Office 365, the potential security exposure increases — requiring more vigilant focus on your AD. 

In this informative e-book, cloud expert Nick Cavalancia explores why it’s necessary to put a focus on being able to both maintain a proper state of AD security, and to also have a plan to diminish the possibility to further bad changes in the future. Learn two key aspects of keeping a handle on AD changes:

  • Remediation This is about raising your defined level of AD security to include what parts of your security baseline should never change, as well as how to rectify those changes should they ever occur.
  • Mitigation — This refers to setting your security protocols to be more proactive of how to put controls in place that restrict AD changes to only those allowed.