This dashboard was created for the IT operational/support peoples and services states... The clients have problems with the Application when Folders Logs is full or with determinates use space. Too is a problem when to many Files are in the folder, independent of the use space. For this reason the dashboard, monitoring Folder Size and Quantity of files.
When Folders have many GB, the application fails (error and downtime)
Quickly I expose some cases and how we have resolved with Foglight…
How summary, for the client, the important is to know:
In General:
1.- To know state and grown the Folders and alerts if is necessary
In specific:
1.- To know state and grown the Folders for different servers and alerts first that Application Fail.
2.- Send Emails to different people with scale system when specified thresholds are changed.
3.- To know uptime of application.
See: “Dashboard Folders and App Monitoring.jpg”
- Kronos Application (Access Control)
- Foglight Managment Server
- Foglight OS Management
- Foglight JBOSS Catridge
- Foglight Script Agents
This dashboard and implementation is running all time (24x7) on the operational monitor / console inside the server’s room and alert with Emails.
When any indicator/alarm changes on O/S specified Folders or metrics, FogLight send SMS and Emails alert automatically to the infrastructure team to investigate de problem.
Kind Regards, Sincerely
Enzo Paolo Gaggero
Dashboard Folders and App Monitoring.jpg