Infrastructure cartridge 5.6.7 is out of support. It is not recommended to use it.

Version 5.6.7 of the cartridge for Infrastructure includes a premliminary version of a Solaris Zones data collection feature that is still in development. This feature will be completed and fully documented in a future release. New metrics can be gathered by the UnixAgent for Solaris Zones: The Solaris Zones functionality allows you to monitor the system performance of individual Oracle Solaris Zones, and to correlate their resource consumption with potential performance issues in the applications running in your Solaris Zones. This new feature replaces a custom agent and cartridge that was developed by the Quest Software Professional Services team. When enabled through the UnixAgent property setting "Collect Hypervisor metrics" the UnixAgent for a Solaris Global Zone gathers basic Zones data from the Global Zone and populates a SolarisZonesModel with those details. Note: This is the same data model that was delivered in the original Professional Services custom cartridge. It is possible that this model may be changed or replaced in a future release. No dashboard for visualization of this data is included in the current Infrastructure version 5.6.7 release. A dashboard will be built-in in a future release. In the interim, a new custom dashboard for visualizing the Zones data is available here. Customers who have the Professional Services custom cartridge can choose to use that cartridge's dashboard to visualize the data. Note that the agent from the custom cartridge should not be used, as the UnixAgent collection supersedes it.