Hi all,

This morning I thought it might be useful to have a widget that displayed the days before an important event, possibly for a big new release, a change freeze, or maybe even Christmas...

NOTE: This cartridge does not work with Foglight 5.9.x!
If support for that version is needed please contact our PSO team.

With that in mind I've put together a simple label widget which displays the days before a configurable event, as below:


install the cartridge as you would any other Foglight Cartridge

The cartridge comes setup for the countdown to christmas, but if you want to configure another milestone event you can go to administration-> rules and notifications -> manage registry variables, and search for "countdown"

This registry variable expects a comma-delimited string, first the date (in mm/dd/yyyy format) and the name of the event. For example if I wanted to countdown to my girlfriends birthday it would look as below:

Once you've set up the date, you can find your widget under "Countdown Widget" in the views tab when you create a new drag and drop dashboard.



N.B This is designed and tested on 5.6.2 and will not install on previous versions, if there is demand I will recompile the cartridge on 5.5.8 (i just dont have a lab handy right now). The cartridge will not work with Foglight 5.9.x. Please contact our PSO team to get the needed changes done.

This customization is offered on an as-is basis withno implicit or explicit support as outlined in the Quest Support Policy for Customisation. If you have any problems or questions about thiscustomization, please post below and we will do our best to assist further.

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