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MSSQLTips webinar: Moving SQL Workload to the Cloud

MSSQLTips webinar: Moving SQL Workload to the Cloud
On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Apr. 22, 2021
  • Event:On Demand
MSSQLTips webinar: Moving SQL Workload to the Cloud
Microsoft Azure SQL (DB and Managed Instance) are “fully managed” SQL Server database services. If you’re used to working with SQL Server, you’ll find them familiar and easier to set up and use than SQL Server on-premises databases. Many traditional DBA tasks, including space allocation, backup and recovery, are handled automatically by the platform. And not having to worry about an operating system, hypervisor and thread count further simplifies performance management. But you can’t get complacent. Because the performance of any database as a service is inextricably linked to cost. 

A poorly optimized workload can cause the provisioning of extra resources. It’s great that it can scale automatically to stay within SLAs, but this costs money. If left unchecked, it can accumulate quickly and hit your company's bottom line hard. The performance challenge has evolved with the database as a service, but it has not gone away. In this session, we’ll discuss why managing performance is even more critical with Azure SQL DB and Azure Managed Instance. 

What you will learn

  • Which key performance indicators are most important 
  • What auto tuning really means 
  • How to identify performance issues and correctly size your database


Anat Dror is a SQL Server and DB2 domain expert with more than 20 years of experience in a long list of IT-related roles, including leadership, processes re-engineering, technical architecture, design, implementation, planning and deployment. As a subject matter expert, Anat has a broad and deep understanding of cloud computing, virtualization, database development and administration, performance management and storage. Today, she plays a pivotal role in understanding customer requirements, fostering innovation and bringing Quest Database Performance Management solutions to life.

Tim Fritz is a database technical specialist and market strategist in Quest’s Information Systems Management business unit.   Since joining Quest over 20 years ago, Tim has used his extensive database-focused IT experience to help Quest’s customers solve business problems using Quest software solutions.   Tim has supported database products his entire tenure at Quest, including Toad and Foglight.