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Windows Server 2012 Auditing Deep Dive: Claims, Dynamic Access

On Demand
  • Recorded Date:Apr. 18, 2013
  • Event:On Demand

Presenters: Randy Franklin Smith, Windows security expert, and Tim Sedlack, senior product manager. 

In Windows Server 2012, Microsoft now lets you centrally define access control and audit policies in Active Directory that are applied across the entire domain.

You can also define “dynamic” access control and audit policies so that permissions and audit decisions are based on attributes of the user and how the object is classified. 

In this webcast, Windows security expert Randy Franklin Smith will give you a detailed tour of centralized and dynamic access/audit features of Windows Server 2012, including:

  • Classifying objects
  • Defining user attributes
  • Creating central access/audit policies
  • Creating dynamic claims-based access and audit policies

Randy will identity caveats and other gotchas to be aware of. And you’ll learn a lot about the new security features in Windows Server 2012 and how to manage them.  

Tim Sedlack, senior product manager, will also show you how our compliance solutions have evolved to incorporate these new interfaces so you’re covered whether you’re using old-style NTFS permission, new Dynamic Access Control permission—or even a combination of both.