Rapid Recovery Technology Overview

Rapid Recovery Technology Overview
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  • Date:Mar. 6, 2018
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Rapid Recovery Technology Overview

You know you need a better way to unify your backup, replication and recovery. Rapid Recovery is that way. View the live demo to see for yourself how to get continuous access to data after an incident, ensuring business productivity. Plus, have complete confidence the data you’re backing up will be completely restorable. For ultimate assurance and peace of mind, you can trust Rapid Recovery.

Join the demo and see how you can:

• Back up and restore your data across virtual, physical and cloud environments
• Experience snapshot data up to every 60 minutes for granular RPOs
• Reduce storage by up to 80 percent with integrated deduplication and file compression

You'll learn how to:

• Protect workloads across all IT environments with one powerful software
• Restore operations almost instantly with a RTO of minutes
• Perform automated recovery testing and verification of backups

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