Webcast: Emerging Trends ― Predictive Analytics in Regulated Manufacturing

Webcast: Emerging Trends ― Predictive Analytics in Regulated Manufacturing
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  • Recorded Date:Aug. 19, 2015
  • Event:On Demand
Webcast: Emerging Trends ― Predictive Analytics in Regulated Manufacturing
More than 70 percent of organizations have already deployed, or are about to deploy, predictive analytics. And many are achieving unprecedented success. So how can you take advantage of the latest trends and techniques? With a crash course led by none other than the man who coined the term “business intelligence” himself, Howard Dresner. Howard and renowned analytics expert Dr. Tom Hall will share what they’ve seen from the frontlines. They’ll show you what’s working for other companies, and how you can employ those same techniques to gain a competitive edge. By the end of this session, you’ll know how to improve decision making, optimize processes, ensure governance and much more.


Howard Dresner - Chief Research Officer; Dresner Advisory Services
Howard Dresner is one of the foremost thought leaders in business intelligence, having coined the term "Business Intelligence" in 1989. As founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services, he and his team engage with a global community to redefine how research is created and shared.

Howard has published two books on the subject, The Performance Management Revolution - Business Results through Insight and Action and Profiles in Performance - Business Intelligence Journeys and the Roadmap for Change.

Thomas Hill, Ph.D. - ‎Executive Director Analytics; Statistica

Dr. Thomas Hill is Executive Director for Analytics at Statistica where he has been for over 20 years, responsible for building out Statistica into a leading analytics platform. He was on the faculty of the University of Tulsa from 1984 to 2009, where he conducted research in cognitive science. Dr. Hill has received numerous grants from the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, Center for Innovation Management, Electric Power Research Institute, and other institutions. Over the past 20 years, his teams have completed consulting projects with companies across various industries in the United States and internationally. Dr. Hill is the (co)author of several books, most recently of Practical Text Mining and Statistical Analysis for Non-Structured Text Data Applications (2012) and Practical Predictive Analytics and Decisioning Systems for Medicine (2014).

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