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Active Directory security and governance

Hybrid Active Directory security and governance

As Office 365® adoption grows, active directory security has never been more critical. Many businesses will synchronize their Active Directory® (AD) with Azure® AD, creating a hybrid AD environment with on-premises AD providing authentication and authorization services. That means, if AD isn’t properly secured, Office 365 won’t be either.

Our solutions for hybrid AD security enable you to take control of your hybrid AD infrastructure and improve your security posture both on premises and in the cloud. Discover how you can be more productive, secure and aligned to your business with an end-to-end solution that helps you:

  • Understand who has access to what resources
  • Know when suspicious activities occur
  • Remediate unauthorized actions immediately
  • Recover from security incidents

Your AD environment is the throne to your kingdom. You must protect it at all costs.


Take control of your hybrid AD security to ensure you get the most from Office 365’s inherent benefits. Our unique hybrid directory security solution protect the entirety of your complex, ever-evolving infrastructure.

Continuous assessment

Understand who has access to what: permissions, privileged groups, sensitive business groups, GPOs and data. Conduct a thorough assessment and know your security configuration baseline to easily identify your surface attack area, vulnerabilities and risk profile. Get clear visibility and reporting so you can stay in the know when it comes to your AD, Windows® computers and file shares.

Detection and alerting

Know when suspicious/anomalous activities occur. With real-time monitoring, you’ll be able to quickly detect and react to potential insider attacks. Proactive security measures enable you to take immediate action and reduce the risk of exposure caused by insider attacks or data breaches.

Remediation and mitigation

Remediate unauthorized actions immediately across AD and your Windows environment. Respond to alerts quickly to minimize damage from unsanctioned changes. Automated security policy enforcement across AD also reduces the risk of human error and mitigate the potential for recurrence. With our end-to-end solution for hybrid directory security and governance, you’ll improve operational efficiency and give IT staff more time to focus on innovation rather than spending all their time securing systems.

Investigation and recovery

Reduce incident response time investigations across your Windows environment. Correlate security baseline information with fine-grained auditing to get a 360-degree contextual view of how the security incident occurred as well as the most likely path(s) that led to the breach. You’ll be able to automate your AD business continuity plan (BCP) to minimize your RTO (recovery time objective) in the event of a security incident that causes partial or total damage across your AD infrastructure.

Active Directory®

Reduce risk and cost by optimizing your Active Directory. Ensure a secure, compliant and available environment with solutions for restructuring and directory consolidation, security and compliance, disaster recovery, automation and provisioning.

Office 365®

Maximize your investment in Office 365. Our solutions help you stay in control, whether in Office 365 or a hybrid solution. Effectively plan for your migration, and manage and secure your environment in an automated, centralized manner. Get complete system visibility with enhanced reporting and auditing capabilities.

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