Endpoint Systems Management

Endpoint systems management for growing organizations

Your precious IT resources and budget shouldn’t be held hostage to manual software management tasks, multiple point solutions that leave critical gaps, or overly complex and expensive software suites. Our easy-to-use, fast-to-implement appliances provide comprehensive endpoint systems management. Capabilities include streamlined OS provisioning, automated network discovery of software and hardware inventory, asset management, endpoint security and patching, application software distribution and maintenance, and a fully integrated service desk. And you can manage virtually all network-connected devices, including Windows®, Mac®, Linux® and UNIX® machines, Chromebooks, and network-connected non-computing devices.

Discover and control every device that touches your network


Give your growing organization more time to innovate with easy-to-use appliances that enable you to easily provision, manage, secure and service virtually all network-connected devices.

Mobile device management

Extend endpoint management all the way to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets – even if employees personally own them. Enroll, take inventory, configure and secure mobile devices just like traditional devices. Support innovations like VoIP communication, cloud storage apps, workplace flexibility and essential company software applications.

Operating system imaging and deployment

Save time with automated OS provisioning capabilities for multiple operating systems, including streamlined master disk imaging and maintenance, faster image deployment for large-scale provisioning tasks, easy Windows migration and user state migration — all from an easy-to-use, web-based interface with built-in reporting and automated maintenance.

Software distribution and maintenance

Remotely distribute, install and maintain applications and digital assets to Windows, Mac and Linux computers and servers, eliminating the time and hassle of traveling to multiple locations. The remote replication share is easy to set up and maintain, and dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of software deployment across a multisite organization.

IT asset management

Quickly see exactly what is connected to your network. Discover and inventory all hardware and software network-wide, including laptops, desktops, servers, storage devices, Chromebooks and network-connected non-computer devices. Streamline IT inventory management and software license compliance chores, and avoid audit fines or license overpayment.

Endpoint security

Automate patch management and deploy patches from one of the largest patch libraries in the industry, with patches for Windows and Mac operating systems and leading third-party vendors such as Adobe®, Oracle®, Mozilla® and Symantec™. Conduct IT security audits and identify vulnerabilities with OVAL and SCAP scanning. Remedy vulnerabilities and enforce security policies with comprehensive system configuration management capabilities.

Service desk

Improve the user experience with an integrated service desk and a self-service portal that enables users to solve many basic requests themselves. Provide service desk staff with granular SLA controls that are integrated with asset management processes and workflows. Give both administrators and end users easy remote access to relevant service desk functions.

Enjoy effective, unified endpoint management across all your network-connected devices. Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX machines, and Chromebooks are just the beginning. Agentless capabilities enable you to inventory non-computing devices in the quickly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) and monitor network-connected devices such as printers, switches and AV components.

Microsoft® Windows

Our endpoint systems management solutions run on multiple Microsoft® platforms, including Windows 10, to make it easy to work within your environment. 


Our endpoint systems management products are created to make your life easier and run in a multi-OS environment. We built our products to support the Mac platform.

UNIX® / Linux®

Use our endpoint systems management solutions in your UNIX or Linux environment.

Internet of Things

Inventory all of your network-connected devices, including non-computing assets such as printers, AV equipment and scanners, via agentless discovery.

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