Backup Selections nodes are marked inactive (greyed out) after upgrade to Netvault 11.1

Hi All,

To test an resolve issue in Netvault 11.1 we had to do an upgrade.

During the upgrade was the encryption plug-in deactivated. We've solved this one by doing an upgrade of the plugin too.


But we've now a strange issue we don't know how to solve. Within our existing Backup Selections the network share nodes are marked inactive (greyed out). We can't even expand or collapse them.

But strange enough Backup jobs based on these using these Backup selections running without problem.


How can we reactive those nodes again without creating new Backup Selections?


Thanx in advance.

  • Hi ,
    What version did you upgrade from? It seems like since they are network shares and therefore not as static as actual volumes, that these may become stale after an upgrade. I have not tested this myself but I would check first to see if they are still active by browsing the Network Share as if you were creating a new backup to make sure it is still listed.

    Then, if it is active, then it just means it has become stale within the set. You may then have to just edit the set to make it selectable once more.
  • In reply to Andre.Cooley:

    Hi Andre,
    We've upgraded from to 11.1.
    When I create a new backup selection I can perfectly browse the shares and select files and folders.
    When I open my existing backup selection then the shares are shown but greyed out and nothing can be done with these share but delete them. There is no option to reactivate them. I've tried reentering the share credentials but no success.

    I've also contacted Dell about this issue.
  • In reply to m.dogan:

    I've solved the issue by re-adding the shares to the Selections list.
    When the shares are re-added the selected folders within the selection remain intact.
  • In reply to m.dogan:

    Correct, this is basically the same as creating a new set. If you create a new set, it will refresh the shares and by adding it, it should reflect in the original backup set. Happy to know this is working for you now! Take care.