Full-text Search indexing is enabled on SQL server but won't stay enabled in the Server Manager settings

Fresh install of AA.

Running an AA Audit Report, get the error message "Full-Text Search is disabled for your database. To install Full-Text Search, refer to the documentation for the SQL server Database Engine...".

When I go to enable Full-Text Search in the Active Admin Server Manager Tool settings, Full-Text appears to turn on initially.  But when I re-launch the Server Manager Tool, Full-Text reverts to disabled.    It appears Full-Text is never truly being turned on in the first place.

Our SQL DB admin is telling us that he already installed the Full-Text feature on the SQL 2016 backend that supports Active Admin.  Are there more steps required for enabling Full-Text beyond this?



OS: 2012 R2

Active Admin version: 8.2 Update 2

SQL version: 2016 SP1


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  • Full-text search needs to be enabled on the SQL instance and enabled within Active Administrator Server Manager.

    Launch the Active Administrator Server Manager console and verify SQL Full-Text Search is enabled.

    Run the following SQL query against the Active Administrator database to verify if it is enabled in SQL:


    Once confirmed that it is enabled, you can customize Active Administrator audit reports by adding an event descriptions filter. Normally filtering event descriptions for specific text can take a long time, but with Full-Text search enabled, it will speed up the process.

    Update: this issue was resolved for aj, but that actual resolution is unknown. The only change known was installing the SQL 2017 tools on the SQL Server 2016 machine. After that, the Full-Text search stayed enabled and custom audit reports worked as expected.
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