Migration Manager for Active Directory

Where should I manage the user groups during the Migration?

I have to migrate users from target to source domain,

Once I start the migration, there will be users in both source and target domains.

As I migrate users to Target, I will disable them on Source Domain.

My question is:

During this migration, where do I manage the user groups, on Source or on Target Domain?

Should I wait until all the users have been migrated to start migrating user groups?

Thank you,

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  • Technically, if you setup the directory synchronization (DSA) to keep group memberships up to date from source to target, you can continue to manage them in the source environment until the migration is completed.  This is probably the simplest approach.

    It also partly depends on how you will be grouping users for cutover.

    For example, if you will be cutting over all users who are members of Groups A, B and C then you can stop managing these group memberships in the source and start managing them only in the target.  If you do take this approach, you will be creating any new AD users (new employees) only in the target.

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