We are excited to announce a new version of Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.15.2 is now available for download.

Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE) is a set of coordinated software applications designed to facilitate a variety of migration strategies for organizations moving from a Lotus Domino server, with Lotus Notes clients, to a Microsoft Exchange environment with Outlook clients. MNE can migrate either to a proprietary Exchange environment, or to a hosted Exchange service like Microsoft’s Office 365.

Look what's new:

Support for modern authentication

MNE includes the Self-Service Desktop Migrator (SSDM) end-user migration tool. SSDM can be helpful in situations where end-users have large archives on their workstation, or use encrypted mail. The SSDM now supports modern authentication. You can configure the SSDM to use Azure Active Directory Authentication libraries when connecting to Office 365 by enabling the Exchange Server setting Use Modern Authentication for SSDM. For more information on modern authentication, see this Microsoft page. New INI parameters have been added to support modern authentication. The following parameters have been added for the administration components:

  • [MsOnlineAuthorityUrls] section
  • [OutlookRestApiUrls] section

The following parameters have been added for the SSDM:

  • [Exchange] EnableModernAuthentication
  • [Exchange] O365AuthenticationUrl
  • [Exchange] O365Tenant
  • [Exchange] OutlookServicesUrl

See the MNE Program Parameters Reference Guide for details.

MAPI Retry

MAPI retry is a feature of MNE that attempts to recover from intermittent or brief network connectivity issues. Starting with 14.5.1 Hotfix 4, MNE includes the following new MAPI retry feature.

  • MNE now performs additional MAPI reconnect attempts if the first MAPI reconnect attempt fails.

MNE performs MAPI reconnects when an error from the MAPIErrorsToRetry list is encountered while storing migrated items to the Exchange mailbox. The maximum number of reconnect attempts is configured with the new parameter [Exchange] MaxSessionReconnectCount, which has a default value of 20.

  • The MAPI retry logic has been enabled for the SSDM.

The following is a list of the MAPI retry parameters.

  • MAPIErrorsToRetry
  • MAPIRetryCount
  • MessageRetryCount
  • MessageRetryWait
  • MaxSessionReconnectCount=20

For a description of the parameters, see the MNE Program Parameters Reference Guide.

Set Password

Setting passwords is a feature of MNE that attempts to set AD passwords for newly created users during provisioning and provides them in the 'migration notification message' during migration. Starting with 14.5.1 Hotfix 9, MNE includes the following new set password feature.

MNE now generates a random password, which complies with the AD Global Password Policy, and applies it to a newly created AD user object. There are four options that help to specify the related attributes of newly created AD user object during provisioning:

  • User must change password at next logon
  • User cannot change password
  • Password never expires
  • Account is disabled

If the target Exchange Server is On-Premises Exchange, a password is set during provisioning. AD account and password information is provided in a notification message through the template file ada_template.html.

If the target Exchange Server is Office 365 with Use Azure Active Directory Synchronization, then the password is already set during provisioning. The GUI option Reset user passwords on the Select Office 365 Administrative Operations wizard page is disabled during migration. AD account and password information is provided in a notification message through the template file ada_template.html.

For this feature, the following parameters have been updated:

  • [ActiveDirectory] EnableUsers
  • [ActiveDirectory] ProvisionUsers

The following new parameters have been introduced:

  • [ActiveDirectory] UserCannotChangePassword
  • [ActiveDirectory] UserChangePasswordAtNextLogon
  • [ActiveDirectory] UserPasswordNeverExpires

For a description of the parameters, see the MNE Program Parameters Reference Guide.


A new option has been added to the [Exchange] RemigrateMode parameter. When set to 2, it
tells the program that if the source item in Notes was modified after a previous migration, delete the
Exchange copy of the item and then remigrate it from Notes. If the source item in Notes has not
been modified, leave the previously migrated copy in Exchange.
MNE now supports TLS 1.2. The following requirements for Office 365 targets have been added
under System Requirements for MNE admin migration servers:
• .Net Framework 4.5
• For systems running Windows 2008 R2, TLS 1.2 must be enabled as the default secure
protocol. See this Microsoft support page.
The Data Migration Wizard Task Progress and Task Completed pages now display the
configuration template name and user collection name to help Administrators identify the current
MNE now supports Microsoft's Azure Active Directory PowerShell for Graph - General Availability
version. This version is required for Office 365 targets.
Azure AD Module for Windows PowerShell x64 edition (PowerShell V1) has been deprecated.
MNE will remove support for this module in a future release.
MNE now supports Outlook 2016. The requirements for Outlook 2016 have been added to this
Release Notes document.
The parameter [Exchange] AutodiscoverDisableMapiHttp has been updated. You can
now configure MNE to use RPC over HTTP when migrating to Office 365.
When launching migrations using PowerShell, the user can choose to display and control the Data
Migration Wizard progress window using the following new parameters:
• ShowProgressDialog
• ProgressDialogIsTopmost
• ManuallyCloseProgressDialog
The new INI setting [FolderTreeFilters] allows you to filter out an entire folder hierarchy.
When a folder is specified using this setting, the specified folder and all its sub folders are excluded
from the migration.
The [Exchange] MaxExtractedImageArea INI parameter has been added to allow
specification of a maximum size for images stored as attachments when [Exchange]
ExtractEmbeddedImages=1. This feature was implemented to reduce the impact to migrated
Exchange mailbox sizes when the migrated messages contain a significant number of large
MNE now supports all Office 365 license plans that include an Exchange mailbox and permit
connecting to that mailbox with Outlook and the Exchange Web Service (EWS).

The full Migrator for Notes to Exchange Release Notes can be found on the technical documentation site.

For current customers, you can download Migrator for Notes to Exchange here.

For customers that are interested in evaluating Migrator for Notes to Exchange, you can sign up for a trial here.

As with all new releases, we love to hear any and all feedback.  Tell us what you like, don't like, and if you have any ideas for future enhancements, please let us know on the discussion forums!

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