vFoglight Default Alarms per Object List (VMware)


Does anyone know where I can get a list of the default alarms defined in vFoglight 6.5? I need a list that shows the alarm, the object on which it is applied and the thresholds defined, I cannot find it in the dashboard!


  • If you go to Administration/Rules & Notifications/Manage Rules and enter 'vmware' in the Cartridge Name filter, the dashboard will populate with the full set of default alarms.

    The object on which each rule is applied appears in the Rule Scope column. The VMWare rules are not simple comparisons with thresholds, but often involve multiple registry values calculated with more than one metric. Thus the rules don't lend themselves to simply extracting and displaying thresholds. If you click on any of these rules and inspect the logic, you'll see why.

    Here's a sample screenshot of the current set of default VMWare rules in the Foglight 5.5.8 Manage Rules page:



    Brian Wheeldon

  • Thanks Brian! I am examining them right now!