Dashboard Repository

Have you ever wondered what would happen to those really cool dashboards if the vFoglight admin left the company? Have you ever asked the same question when it comes to reports? We work so hard in our environments and its inevitable that someone will leave and take the knowledge with them. Not with vFoglight!!!


Today I am going to show you how to create a standard repository so that you can promote your favorite ‘private’ dashboards to a public shared repository that everyone on your team can access.



This will be a continuation of my series "How I used vFoglight" https://www.quest.com/community/


Before we begin, make sure you are in the proper access group "Cartridge Developer". If you do not have this access, work with your Administrator.


Now, lets go to configuration under dashboards then definitions. On the definitions screen lets click the little green button at the bottom to add a new module, if you dont see the green button, you do not have the proper access permissions.


Now, lets name our new Module, lets call it Shared_Workspace.


Make sure that you put in a description so you identify what it is for.


Also, Make sure and this is key, that you provide the necessary "Relevant Role" to this module. In this case we will add


"Dashboard User, Operator"

Now you will go back to "My Definitions" and choose one by one the dashboards you want to copy

When you choose Copy on the Dashboard make sure you select the option "Deep" this will copy the entire contents of the dashboard framework

Once you choose Deep you will then be presented with the option of where you want to copy it to

Once you choose "Shared_Workspace" you will then see the "Shared Workspace" module show up under "Dashboards" in the navigation panel.

You can now successfully access the Dashboards under "Shared_Workspace"

Please let me know if you have any questions with this, and feel free to comment on how you will use this in your environment.