Heard about #SharePoint data externalization? Quest Storage Maximizer for #qSharePoint v2.0 is now available

It continues to be a busy period for Quest as we continue to launch a series of new or vastly improved products. This week it’s the v2.0 release of Storage Maximizer that enables you to take advantage of external storage within SharePoint, through either External Blob Storage (EBS) or Remote Blob Storage (RBS) in a major new way.


Why Externalize?

To understand why you should be thinking about externalizing some of your SharePoint content, take a peek at this tech brief that identifies the top five performance killers in SharePoint storage and how Storage Maximizer can help you solve these issues!!



What Does Storage Maximizer Do?

Simply put, Storage Maximizer puts you in control of your SharePoint storage. Store your content where you want it and how you want it and stop having to rely 100% on the SQL database.


Simple. Focused. Fast!

Like all of our Quest products Storage Maximizer is Simple, Focused and Fast!


  • Simple: We embed quickly and directly into SharePointis within the Central Administration. We also include a license key in the trial download for you so you won’t have to wait. In fact if after 5 minutes you haven’t started to create storage definitions we did something wrong!


  • Focused: We whittled down the UI and the feature set to just those that you need to really have effective tiered external storage. A streamlined rule set of file type, date and file size doesn’t overly complicate the process.


  • Fast: By using SharePoint’s internal infrastructure we don’t introduce new performance bottlenecks!


Get started today by downloading Storage Maximizer at https://www.quest.com/.


Still not convinced, take a gander at this 6 minute video. But it takes longer to view the video than to install the application so maybe do both at the same time?