Heterogeneous replication from Big Endian to Little Endian and vice versa

Replicating and running migrations from Big Endian to Little Endian and the reverse, Little Endian to Big Endian database server systems is supported by SharePlex for Oracle. Replicating or migrating from Big Endian (Unix RISC based system architecture such as AIX, HP-UX, Solaris) to/from Little Endian (Intel based system architecture such as Windows and Linux) is not a new concept. The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) automatically handles the translation between the two architectures, and when necessary, SharePlex performs the byte swap to support the cross platforms. SharePlex has supported this since support of Windows platforms was introduced in the product more than 14 years ago.
SharePlex’s network-efficient, highly configurable, near real-time replication capabilities solve a wide range of mission critical availability challenges. For full product description and information on supported platforms, please see the SharePlex documentation.