How to use "Search" workflow activity in ActiveRoles 6.8

One of the new workflow activities added in ActiveRoles 6.8 is "Search" activity. You can use this activity to perform searches against directory data to find objects that match the criteria you specified.

That is how this activity looks in workflow designer:

In what scenarios "Search" activity can be used? When you need to search for:

  1. Objects in the Organizational Unit or container
  2. Resources managed or owned by the user or group
  3. Group for its members
  4. Direct reports of the user
  5. Search within the object's attribute (ASQ search)
  6. Inactive accounts
  7. Exchange recipients

Now, when you define the search scenario and search criteria, you would like to see the search result and use it somehow in other activities within the workflow.

In order to see the search result in change history report (in case of change workflow) or run history report (in case of automation workflow), you should place "Add report section" activity inside "Search" activity and configure it.

When such configuration done, each time when workflow runs, you will see in the report what objects were found.

If you want to use the search result in other activities, so that the workflow can perform the appropriate actions on them, you need to place them inside "Search" activity just after "Add report section" activity.

On the picture below you can see the next workflow: all found objects will be removed from the group and after that some of their attributes will be changed.